STECO POWERSPORT, The French Battery Brand

The French Battery Brand.

As expert of starter batteries, STECO POWERSPORTS proposes a full battery range meeting the highest requirements of customers.

Company Overview

For more than 60 years, STECO POWER, the French brand of ba+tteries, markets starter batteries for any vehicle types. The high quality of the STECO POWER products is recognized by spare part professionals of automotive vehicles and trucks.

As a specialist of starter batteries, STECO POWER provides specific ranges meeting highest demands and needs of each customers

For Light and Commercial Vehicle applications

For customers looking for a reliable and quality product, while protecting their budget, STECO POWER proposes its range “Steco, the Blue Battery”. For customers “Eco Responsible” possessing a last generation vehicle requiring important starting power, STECO POWER puts forward its range “Steco, the Green Battery”, charged with “green” energy. Finally, for the most demanding customers, the range ‘Steco PREMIER, the Red Battery” will bring all the power necessary for the most recent vehicles highly equipped and big consumer of energy.

These 3 ranges are completed by the batteries of last generation, called EFB and VRLA-AGM, equipping vehicles with Start and Stop system.

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A logistic center in France for flexibility and reactivity

Based in the South of Paris, at Outarville (45), STECO POWER Company has an important logistic center where all the battery types will be stored.

STECO POWER is so ideally situated to ship to all French partners and more widely to European partners in very short times.

With its complete ranges, STECO POWER is a real partner of starter batteries.

Quality, Availability, Proximity, Reactivity and Listening will be more than ever the key words of our commercial dynamic.

For Trucks, Buses and Agricultural Machinery

The range HD “Steco, Heavy Duty” and SHD “Steco, Super Heavy Duty” cover all applications. All batteries have greater capacity of starting power as well as a high resistance to cycling.

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For Motorcycle, Scooter, Quad, Jetski, Snowmobile, Lawn Mower...

In 1996, STECO POWER launched on the market his first range of starter batteries for Powersports Vehicles. Almost 20 years later, STECO POWER has leaned on the expertise and the quality of famous partner in Powersports field to give a real boost to this range of products henceforth marketed under the name STECO POWERSPORTS.

With about 90 battery types, and with very high quality products, STECO POWERSPORTS intend to become a reference of the spare part market in this field.